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You may ask if theres anything you can do for them, whether thats watching their kids or sending dinner so they dont have to worry about cooking a meal. The worry you may have is valid and you can bring that worry to God in prayer. Amen. After MaryAnn and Drew Szilagyi, a Houston couple in their early 30s, saw their physician for routine physicals a few years ago, they didn't have to wait for his call about the blood work. Prayer for a Biopsy Heavenly Father, You know how fearful I am as I await the results of this biopsy. What would a good result be for you? Please deliver me from these deep waters of anxiety. Lord, I ask that you allow the sound waves to produce the images my doctors needed. Now I have to wait to have them authorized by my insurance company and who knows how long that will take? (Person's name) is nervous, afraid and afraid that his/her test results will be bad, and he/she needs help right now. Praying for your father. Praying for you and your wife, Garry. And so, for the week which followed, I decided I needed to draw on my reserves and use this health challenge to strengthen me instead of taking me under. Recent Comments. I was filled with laughter and terror all at the same time. Father, allow these images to be used with your will. I knew that this had come to awaken me even further. If your loved one is able, offer to help keep them distracted by taking them for lunch or going for a walk together. Limit how much you look up online. Please bless my doctor and all the doctors who work with him. There are so many people who need their help, and I worry they are overworked and tired. I know that many many others are as well. May You be magnified in my life. Stick to your daily routine. Please read our PRIVACY POLICY. I beg you Dear Lord that you would bestow good health upon me. We knew there were problems with discs and bone-rubbing-bone, but when the doctor called, he had a shocking finding. You created me carefully, with such love and an embracing heart. please pray for my cousin John as he undergoes a cardioversion this morning. your darkest fears a voice. On a seemingly normal Wednesday morning in late July, whilst typing up some session notes (Olympics on in the background) I was jolted out of my peaceful bubble. Im praying for your mom and I know thousands of others are as well. I trust in Your compassionate care for me. Things I had been putting off are now being made a priority. Of course, sending a quote or prayer may not be right for everyone. I do hope thesewordsof encouragement ifyourewaiting for test results have brought you even the tiniest bit of hope or comfort. Give my doctor the insight they need to come up with a plan. I am now making a new commitment to my physical wellbeing. My prayer to You, O Lord, is for a time of favor. Help me have that childlike faith, believing in Your mercy and Your great power, so that no matter whether I get a good report or a bad one, I know If you find yourself overly concerned about tests or awaiting test results, consider contacting someone to pray with you or for you. I ask for prayer when I go back to the doctor regarding a follow up on my blood work. I am now making a new commitment to my physical wellbeing. . Lord, You are my help and my deliverer. I could either tie myself up in knots for two days (which served no purpose) or I could enjoy the fun things I had planned and connect myself with the positive, higher vibration energy which I knew was more likely to bring about the result I wanted. Articles like this, featuring the experience of patients and family caregivers, are compiled by our staff. We beseech you to lift up a dear one who desperately needs You in these uncertain times. Acceptance and surrender does not need to be a passive state. Isaiah 41:10 reads, Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.. Give me the faith and energy to accept your outcome. Keith Negley. When we are truly mindful, we can connect with our inner self and with the peace that is available to as at all times. Prayer for Students Awaiting Exam Results. 1. In your mind, run through the scenario of being given your results and feel the feelings you wish to feel before, during and after. Father we ask that my test results come back and that the doctors can look over them quickly. God bless. Walk beside us Lord, as our exam results are approaching. Personal Branding Photography by Cassandra Lane Photography. You could also try relaxation exercises too, such as tensing your muscles one by one. My eyes look to You in hope and love, waiting for Your deliverance. The joy, the relief and the gratitude I felt that day were immense. Check Isaiah 43:2 When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. Take steps to feel more in control. Prayer For Good Medical Test ResultsWaiting for medical results can be nerve-racking. But they see so much, Lord. You will repel it and cause it to retreat from my life. I ask that you give me confidence that I completed the process properly. With God beside us, we would do what had to be done and be at peace. Believe me, I have. Please pray for my dad who is battling stage IV lung cancer that he continues to get better, and his PET/CT scans continue to show signs of improvement. Help take away this foreign object in my body. Dear Lord, I pray for Your guidance as I receive my MRI results today. What Miracles Did Pope John Paul II Perform? Biggest Christian Prayer and Bible Website. Amen. Whatever Your path for me includes, I place my trust fully in Your Wisdom, Lord. I wish I would have leaned on God during this time in my life. I ask You to give me and my family a clear course of action Lord, and spare us the stress of a serious diagnosis. Dear Lord, I have been unwell lately and have undergone many tests to determine what ails me. I receive speedy healing from every illness and disease in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Help me to turn all my anxieties over to You, for You are always with me. Her favorite things are reading, riding bikes with Jeff, and spending time on the beach at their little place in Galveston. Here Are Prayers for Good Medical Test Results. . (phone call, online report, doctors visit etc.) Its only natural to worry. Help me, Father, to see all of the good you are putting into my life right now. Help me know if I need to separate from them, Lord. Im still curiously searching for answers as to why as it serves no real purpose, other than to maybe protect us from the disappointment of the best-case scenario not occurring (or so we think). Lord, may the results come back quickly. Allow each image to successfully show my insides the way they currently are. Ways that could without a doubt impact, or even threaten, my life. And please bless me with healing! Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. Fill the following form: You have entered an incorrect email address! I thank You that You sustain me on my sickbed, and You will restore me from this illness. Amen. Lord we ask that you give the doctor a plan for what our next steps will be. But deep down I also had this knowing that this too shall pass and that there was a much bigger picture which was playing out here. When your loved one is going through a health journey, its normal to feel the need to drop everything to hold and comfort them. So it goes without saying that You know every cell in our bodies. However, my body is imperfect because of sin. it'll be okay. We are grateful to have you presence here as we come before you in prayer. She and her husband Jeff have been married for 37 years. Huge mistake! We had also just found out we were expecting our last child, so the hospital thought it best to send us to a larger University Hospital. He believes it is more important than ever before to help people find a genuine faith. Romans 12:12 teaches us to Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Try to stay positive as you wait. Please help it save time for me, Lord. Amen. I lay my life, my trust, and my hopes in you. Dear Lord, I thank You for providing us with doctors to treat and heal our wounds and illnesses. And that one can support the other if we look to balance them and accept such experiences into our life. 27. Instead, there is a subtle but positive energy shift which you invite in when you accept and surrender. You relinquish resistance and connect with the higher vibration of trust. Feel free to share your stories and ideas in the comments below. But then I took it back. My heart was in my mouth and my stomach immediately churned. waiting for test results have brought you even the tiniest bit of hope or comfort. And You take what is meant for evil and turn it around for good. So now, loving Father, please give a clear result. By staying conscious and transmuting our suffering into awakening, I believe that we can all become alchemists. Deeply concerned. In Jesus name, Amen. But just as Jesus prayed, "Yet not as I will, but as You will," I also surrender to You. This is a real game-changer. As I was met in the hospital entrance by a kind volunteer and taken to my appointment on a buggy, I knew without question that my Mum was with me (she hated walking anywhere). Lord, allow them the ability to put my bones into a position that relieves this pain. I felt like I had almost been given a second chance at life. Try taking a walk. As one of our community members says, Expect the best.. Lord, my Protector and Preserver, I pray that the results of this testing will help my medical team know how to proceed with my treatment. Lord, I ask that you help me with the pain I am in right now. I believe this is an important part of the process of managing your anxiety. 3. But no matter what happens, help me persevere because of the hope I have in you. But I feel strengthened by what has gone before. 28. I pray for all those around the world who are awaiting biopsy results. Lord, I know you can heal all things. Let it come back as benign, Lord, but even if it doesnt, You are still sovereign over this situation. Living a life dedicated to God makes as much sense as the sunshine in our world. Father, I ask that you make this test 100 percent accurate. The work has already been done. I decree that this test result Im about to collect shall end in great praise, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Jeff said he wasnt worried. Father, I ask that you show me the path towards healing. So, dont beat yourself up as you are worrying. I pray that you lean on God during this time of waiting. Lean on God as much as you can, and know you are not alone during this process. thank you in advance for your prayers. Encouraging Texts to Send Someone Waiting for Test Results. 5. I entered a state of panic, the likes of which I had (thankfully) never experienced previously. Give them a plan on what to do next, Lord. Do you have some other causes you would like to pray for? And please bless me with healing! 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